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Sunday 21st December, 2014

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Hawk Owl Chicks

The 2005 season has seen more than a few new faces to the World Owl Trust. One of which is me! I’ve been asked to compile a few thoughts that the Keepers have had about one of the most entertaining of the species over this season; the Hawk Owls!

Everyone has been delighted with the five, yes five, owlets that have hatched, grown and fledged from the nestbox in the Main Display. Being diurnal birds they are most active during the hours we work. The adults and youngsters have been very curious about our presence and each staff member has seen something that has fascinated or given us a good laugh during our rounds.

Over the time the owlets have been exploring their new world I have seen them go from climbing up and down everything with their talons to flying expertly from perch to feed table and back to mum’s side. The parents have been going spare trying to keep five youngsters in check all day! I’m sure any parent reading this will sympathise!

Michelle particularly enjoys watching the feeding time. On one occasion she watched as two owlets pounced on the same bit of food, then had a game of tug-of-war as neither would let go!

Chris enjoys the feeding time too, with owlets taking food from his fingers even when they already have some in their talons! Talk about greedy!

Sam from the Muncaster grounds staff has enjoyed the owlets ‘whistling’ at him each morning.

Wulf pointed out that the father was the one who taught the owlets what to do with their prey, with an expert neck bite to make sure the prey is dead. Of course the young owls landing on a food table laden with food then go and bite every piece before picking which to eat!

It has been wonderful to share a part of the lives of these attractive and sometimes comical birds. I look forward to watching them more!

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