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Sunday 21st December, 2014

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WOT In The Philippines

Since 1996 the Trust has been heavily involved in the Philippine Owl Conservation Programme (POCP) as the principal signatory for the Memorandum of Agreement with the Philippine Government. The POCP is one of many programmes designed to help and safeguard all endangered Philippine species and their habitats, not just owls. These come under the banner of the Philippine Biodiversity Conservation Programme (PBCP) overseen by Fauna & Flora International and managed by its Philippine Programmes Director, William Oliver.

As the PBCP progressed, it became increasingly obvious that all these initiatives were dependent upon wide-ranging distribution and status surveys that took an overall view of habitat destruction throughout the Philippines and the most urgent priorities and strategies that needed addressing. The WOT is proud to have helped with the funding for some of these, and in particular with the setting up and development of the Breeding and Conservation Centre at Bacalod on the island of Negros (NFEF-BCC).

Philippines Eagle Owl

On 29th November 2002, three pairs of Philippine Eagle Owls of the Luzon race (Bubo p. philippensis) were loaned to the NFEFI-BCC by Jake Gaw of Montalban (Avilon) Zoo on Luzon. This was a very exciting development, for it constituted the first ever international conservation-breeding programme for an endangered owl species. The Philippine Eagle Owl is listed in the IUCN ‘Red Data’ book. It is found nowhere else on earth and is fast losing its rainforest habitat due to logging. Today, virtually nothing is known about its status, behaviour, food, breeding biology and calls. At the NFEF-BCC we have our first opportunity to carry out observations with captive individuals.

This year has been a great success with one of the pairs, ‘Hinahon’ and ‘Suplada’, producing an owlet. This is a ‘world first’ as the Philippine Eagle Owl has never before bred in captivity. Congratulations go to Leo and his team at the Philippine Centre who have done such a superb job and thanks to William and Jake for making the project possible. The owlet is thriving and the adults have made excellent parents.

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