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Monday 22nd December, 2014

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The Meadow Vole Maze

Built underneath a real wildflower meadow, the Meadow Vole Maze is a highly original experience which weaves all the wild elements of Muncaster together - its gardens, owls, wildlife conservation and habitat restoration - into a ‘circle of life’ story dramatising the perils faced by Muncaster’s real meadow voles - from badgers, to owls to humans.

Visitors will meet Max Meadow Vole. He needs your help to get home safely - by answering questions about the life of a meadow vole, its diet, habitat and predators and following the path to guide him back.

Imagine being a meadow vole - just two and a half inches tall - living in meadowland, where dangers lurk at every turn. It’s no picnic. But down at the Meadow Vole Maze, this secret world makes for a wild experience. Here, where the grass is seven feet tall, you'll find what life is like for these tiny creatures. Giant honey bees and butterflies hover just below a pale blue summer sky.

As the journey through the Maze nears its end, the beautiful summer sky turns darker, and the sweet summer’s day song of the skylark is gradually replaced by the deep rhythmic ‘ribbit-ribbit’ of the natterjack toad. Suddenly, there is the almost total darkness of nightfall in the countryside. Max urges visitors to hurry along as nightfall brings with it terrible danger ......!!

The Meadow Vole Maze is suitable for all - with an “escape route” for small children and nervous adults!

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