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Saturday 20th December, 2014

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Woodland Wonders Inspires Watchers!

Back to school and back with the Watch Club, the Muncaster Owlets started their new autumn term of wildlife adventures.

Inspiration from the turning of the leaves saw us looking at the ‘wonders of the woodland’. Originally designed to be held outside in the grounds of Muncaster, the weather called for a last minute change of plan with the children bringing the woodland in to them.

Whilst creating colourful leaf rubbings and looking at leaf shapes the children identified some of the native species which can be found in the woodlands of Muncaster Castle.

Picture of Woodland Wonders Leaf Rubbings
Leaf rubbings by the Muncaster Owlets

With the sights and sounds of the woodland, drowned out by the heavy rain, the children were able to experience aspects of the trees by touch and smell, whilst playing ‘Meet a Part of a Tree’, a blindfold game designed to introduce children to exploring familiar things in a different and interesting way. The game also helps to develop trust between the children, when acting as the eyes and guide for their partner.

Lammas Green Man
Lammas Green Man

To finish off the children explored the mythology of woodlands and inspired by some of the folklore which surrounds many trees, they created their very own tree spirit. The children were introduced to the concept of the ‘Green Man’ a symbol, representing the growth and cycle of plant life within the natural world and using one of the many images of him as inspiration; they created their own guardians of the forest.

Some of the tree spirits created by the Muncaster Owlets

Some of the tree spirits created by the Muncaster Owlets
Some of the tree spirits created by the Muncaster Owlets

Altogether a thoroughly green and leafy experience was had by all with some rather amusing woodland characters to take home.

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