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Friday 19th December, 2014

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Long-eared Owl Mascot

Hello Brownies and welcome to your pages

My name is Asio and I am a Long-eared Owl. I am here to show you around.

Here are some owl themed activities for you to try.

Activities that help towards badges:
Craft Badge: Why not have a go at making our Papier Mache Owl as part of this badge? Click here to download the document - PDF format.

Environment Badge: Find out about an endangered species, like red squirrels, tigers, blue whales or giant pandas. Make a display or information pack about them.

Click here for information about the endangered Ashy-faced Owl

Friends to animals badge:
Why not make a poster about an endangered owl? Don’t forget to include details about where it lives, what it eats and why it is endangered. Click here for information about the endangered Philippine Eagle Owl and other owls under threat in the Philippines - PDF format.

Why not do some fundraising to help owls at the World Owl Trust? For some ideas of things you could do and how the money you raise might be used click here - PDF format.

Are you interested in finding out about an extinct owl? Click here to find out more - PDF format.

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The World Owl Trust is a member of EAZA

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