Golden Friend areas for selection


British Owls Nestbox schemes for Barn Owl, Tawny Owl, Little Owl
Overseas projects
WOT managed wildlife reserves
We would like to have our own nature reserve(s) for our members to visit.
Scientific Research
A research centre, equipment or funding of research projects.
Wildlife Hospital
Hospital equipment, contribution to veterinary bills
Materials, classroom equipment etc.
General WOT funds
Owl food, tools & equipment, aviary building & repair. More staff !


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Please pay to National Westminster Bank plc 
29 Market Place, Egremont, Cumbria, CA22 2AQ.
(Sort Code 60-07-34), for the credit of the  
WORLD OWL TRUST, A/C No. 03952517,

the sum of (words) £ ____________________________________

(figures) £ _____________________________ commencing now,

and then monthly on the _____ day of the month thereafter.

Account to be debited (name): ___________________________

REF - Quote Membership No: ______________________________

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Account No:

Signature: _______________________ Date: ________________

This Standing Order is in addition to any other annual

order(s) payable to the World Owl Trust.



I would like the World Owl Trust to reclaim tax on any

donations or membership subscriptions that I make. 

I have paid an amount of UK income tax or capital gains

tax equal to any tax deducted.

Signed: ___________________________  Date: ______________






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