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Owl First Aid

Owl hit by a car/injured
Keep the bird quiet, warm and in darkness. No attempt should be made to feed or give it water. Contact your local wildlife rescue organisation or wildlife hospital. If you are close to the World Owl Trust please call the office on 01229 717393 and arrange to bring the owl in to our fully equipped wildlife hospital. It is essential to take the bird to an experienced vet for a prognosis and treatment.

Owlet found on Ground
In the case of an owlet found on the ground in March, April or May, it is almost certain that this will be a recently fledged tawny owl. If the owlet is within a safe area, away from traffic, passers-by, dogs and cats and is not being harassed by corvids (eg crows or magpies), the bird should be left alone as the parents will be close by and tending to it’s needs once darkness falls.

In the case of severe weather, with the youngster being in danger of chilling, please contact the World Owl Trust on 01229 717393 between 9 am - 5pm Monday to Friday. For emergencies and out of office hours please contact your local veterinary practice who will treat injured wildlife free of charge. To E-mail us, click here

Tawny Owls get used to humans very quickly and then cannot be returned to the wild. Please make sure that you have minimum contact with the bird whilst it is in your care.

Tawny Owl Chick
Picture courtesy of Ian McGuire of the Hawk and Owl Trust - his website is

Important First Aid Advice Please note that owls eat meat with fur and feathers on (roughage) and NOT bread, milk or red meat - this will ultimately kill them.

Please consult organisations or individuals with experience in the care and feeding of Raptors (owls and hawks).

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