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World Owl Trust - leading the World in Owl Conservation
Thursday 18th December, 2014

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Needs And Thanks

Many thanks are due to all our supporters with special mention to the following... Colin & Joan Tomlinson, Richard Waple, Grahame Smith, the pupils of Ulverston Victoria High School, Drayton Manor, Karla Gudgeon, Whitehaven Festival, Sue and Eric Berry, Stewart & Sue Wilson, Mr. Dutton, Mr. Jim Swain, Fay Kaul, Ulverston CE Primary School, Cambridge Primary School, Mrs. J. Wilson & Mr. W. Jones, Mr. Hool, Karen Robb, Barbara Cornell , Mr. & Mrs. C.J. & A Jameson, Liz Welch, David Gurney, Pamela Cheshire, Lawrence & Jo Jackson, Miss Anna Bowen, Dave Mellaligu, Mrs. Ruth Woodburn, Woodend & District Womens Institute, John & Maureen Solway, Dalegarth, Andy Richie, Mr. & Mrs. John & Diana Laming, Sue & Jeff Standard, Mr. & Mrs. M. Gates, Mrs. B. Brown, Mrs. F.H. Franks, Mrs. Elaine Hill, Mr. Ian Straughan, Mrs. Christine Hoofe, Mr. & Mrs. Sproat, Mr. & Mrs. Carr, Mrs. Rosemary Hutt, Janet Brewer, Mrs. Robinson, Mrs. Hilda Clark, Dr. Stuart Hannabuss, Mr. & Mrs. Kemp, Ms. M.B. Wright, Dr. & Mrs. AP Stafford, Mr. Christopher Watts, Dr. C.D. Horne, Ms. Lesley Kennard, Mrs. Valerie Pope, Mr. & Mrs. Gary Henderson, Mr. & Mrs. J.E. & C.M. Tudor, Gary & Susan Pilkington, Robert Veitch, Sally Hibbert, Miss M.A. Tree, Ms. Carol Jones, Mr. & Mrs. Hyde, Ms. Anna Lavithis, Mrs. Alison Broadbent, Mr. Christopher Corlett, Janice Brooks, Roger Dodds, Sarah Graham, Irene Corrigan, Alison Wild, Michael Dickson, Mrs. K. Becker, Miss Monika Weiss, Mr. & Mrs. Clipsham, Mrs. Ashley, Mr. & Mrs. Parsons, Rev. Lynette Norman, Mr. Brian Davies, Mrs. D. Emery, Mr. & Mrs. G. Simister, Mr. & Mrs. Montague, Mr. Robert Campbell, Mrs. Sandra Gladwin, Mrs. Heather Greaves, Mr. Graham Winstanley, Mrs. B.M. Graham, Mr. Geoffrey Berry, Mr. M.N. Erlund, Mrs. Christine Webb, Mrs. Mary Webster, Mr. R. Glaister, Mrs. Caroline Kennedy & family, Mrs. Christine Shailes, Mr. & Mrs. W & S Hillitt, Mr. & Mrs. L & V Tyman, Andy Stretton, Mrs. Evelyn Graham, Dr. Betty Underwood, Mr. & Mrs. Routledge, Alison & Alan Bolt, Andy Ritchie and Sir James Stirling.

In Memory
Margaret Crosby Peeling

If you would like to support the World Owl Trust, donations of any of the following items would be very much appreciated. Ornaments/collectables for resale Duck Tape AA Batteries Office Furniture Punched Pockets Tools (spades, forks etc) Punched Pockets Office Furniture Woodchip for the aviaries Cable Ties of various sizes Woodchip for the aviaries A4 and A5 Laminating Pouches Used Stamps White & Manilla envelopes (all sizes) Packets of Seeds Adjustable luggage straps and large staples (for nest box erection

Thank You
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The World Owl Trust is a member of the British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums (BIAZA) and the European Association of Zoos and Aquariums (EAZA). The Trust relies on a dedicated membership, visitors, donations and legacies.
The World Owl Trust is a member of EAZA
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