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Saturday 20th December, 2014

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Striped Owl
Asio clamator
Striped Owl - Asio clamator
Striped Owl - Asio clamator
As of February 2005.
Description Medium sized owl with prominent ear tufts. Large pale facial disk, bordered with black. Cinnamon-buff above streaked with black, whitish or buff below with bold dark streaks. Dark brown eyes.
Size 30-38cm, 320-500g
Range From S Mexico through South America east of Andes to N Argentina and Uruguay apart from Amazon basin. Also some Caribbean Islands.
Habitat Open and semi-open grassland with trees, also open woodland, forest edge, plantations, air strips and rice fields. Avoid heavy rain forest.
Food Small mammals, birds, reptiles and large insects.
Breeding Breeds August-March, 2-4 eggs laid in depression or clump of vegetation on the ground, but also low tree cavities. Incubation is 28-33 days.
Call Single, nasal hoot.
Status Not globally threatened, but generally rare or patchily distributed. Range is possibly expanding as it moves into deforested areas.
Comments Relatively little is known about this owl, especially its breeding biology. It was formerly in its own genus Rhinoptynx, but DNA evidence supports its inclusion in Asio.
Races No additional information.
Asio.c.clamator Colombia, Venezuela, Peru and N & C Brazil outside Amazon
A.c.forbesi S Mexico, Panama, Cost Rica and Caribbean Islands (includes race oberi from Trinidad and Tobago)
A.c.midas Bolivia, Paraguay, N & C Argentina to Uruguay and SE Brazil
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