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Saturday 20th December, 2014

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Tropical Screech Owl
Otus choliba
Tropical Screech Owl - Otus choliba
Tropical Screech Owl - Otus choliba
As of February 2005.
Description Small owl with short ear tufts and yellow eyes. Grey (Gray), brown and red colour morphs occur with intermediates. Light grey (gray), black edged facial disk. Heavily streaked upper-parts and under-parts marked with herring bone pattern.
Size 20-24cm, 95-160g
Range From Costa Rica to N Argentina East of the Andes.
Habitat Savannah, open forest, plantations, parks, clearings.
Food Mainly insects and other invertebrates, occasionally snakes and small mammals.
Breeding January - July N. of equator and September - October south of it. 1-4 eggs in tree cavity. Little else is known about its breeding habits.
Call Purring, short trill, followed by 2 toots.
Status Not thought to be threatened, although exact status is unknown.
Comments Often hunts on roadsides, and as a result roadside casualties are common.
Races Many other races described but are probably just morphs or intermediates.
O.c.choliba S Brazil to E Paraguay
O.c.luctisomus Costa Rica to NW Colombia
O.c.margaritae Margarita Island
O.c.crucigerus E Columbia & E Peru to NE Brazil, Venezuela, the Guyanas and Trinidad
O.c.duidae Duida Mts in S Venezuela
O.c.decussatus C & E Brazil
O.c.uruguaiensis Uruguay, SE Brazil and NE Argentina
O.c.surutus Bolivia
O.c.wetmorei W Paraguay and N Argentina
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