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Friday 19th December, 2014

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African Wood Owl
Strix woodfordii
African Wood Owl - Strix woodfordii woodfordii   African Wood Owl - Strix woodfordii woodfordii
African Wood Owl - Strix woodfordii woodfordii
As of February 2005.
Description Medium sized, dark eyed owl with no ear tufts. Brown above spotted with white, rufous and dark barring on whitish background below. Brown facial disk with white eyebrows.
Size 30-36cm, 240-350g
Range Africa from Senegambia to Sudan south to Angola, Kenya, Zaire and down the east coast to South Africa.
Habitat Forest and woodland also plantations.
Food Mainly insects but also reptiles, small mammals and birds.
Breeding July-October. 1-3 eggs laid normally in tree cavity. Incubation is about 31 days. The young leave the nest by about 5 weeks of age and can fly by 7 weeks. The young remain with parents up to 4 months and sometimes stay until the next breeding season.
Call Loud explosive sequence of rapid hoots.
Status Not globally threatened. Very common in most of its range.
Comments This species, and 4 neo-tropical New World Wood Owls formerly formed a separate genus, Ciccaba, based on differences in ear structure from other Strix. Recent DNA analysis has shown that this separation is unjustified.
Races Other races are described but are not separable from other races.
S.w.woodfordii S Angola, S Zaire and SW Tanzania to the Cape
S.w.umbrina Ethiopia and SW Sudan
S.w.nigricantior S Somalia, Kenya, Somalia, Zanzibar and E Zaire
S.w.nuchalis Senegambia to S Sudan and Uganda, to N Angola and N & W Zaire
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