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Monday 22nd December, 2014

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Ural Owl
Strix uralensis
Ural Owl - Strix uralensis liturata    Ural Owl - Strix uralensis liturata
Ural Owl - Strix uralensis liturata
As of February 2005.
Description Medium to largish grey (gray) owl with no ear tufts and dark eyes. Grey (gray) to greyish-brown (grayish-brown) above, with boldly streaked whitish-grey (whitish-gray) under-parts.
Size 50-62cm, 500-1300g
Range Northern Europe - Scandinavia and Baltic region across Russia and Siberia to Korea and Japan.
Habitat Mature, relatively open forest.
Food Wide range of mammals up to the size of small hares as well as birds, frogs and insects.
Breeding February to July. Nest in large tree cavity or hollow branch, also old stick nests of crows and raptors, and nest boxes. 3-4 eggs are incubated for 28-35 days. The young leave the nest after 5 weeks and can fly by 2 weeks later. They remain with the parents for a further 8 weeks.
Call A deep rhythmic “hohoo ho-hohohooo”.
Status Not globally threatened and relatively common in some areas. Readily takes to nest boxes.
Comments None at this time.
Races Several other races have been described but are generally inseparable from those listed.
S.u.uralensis From E European Russia to Okhtsk coast
S.u.liturata N Europe and NW Russia
S.u.macroura C & SE Europe
S.u.yenisseensis C Siberian plateaux
S.u.nikolskii Transbaikalia to Sakhalin, NE China and Korea
S.u.fuscescens S Honshu to Kyushu, Japan
S.u.hondoensis N Honshu to Hokkaido, Japan
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