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Monday 24th November, 2014

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Ashy-faced Owl
Tyto glaucops
Ashy-faced Owl - Tyto glaucops
Ashy-faced Owl - Tyto glaucops
As of February 2005.
Description Medium sized, with heart shaped facial disk. Similar in appearance to some of the darker races of Barn Owl, that is yellowish-brown vermiculated with dark grey (gray) or black above, but with the characteristic ashy-grey (ashy-gray) facial disk.
Size 26-43cm, 200-400g
Range Hispaniola & Tortuga.
Habitat Open woodland, forest, scrub and often around towns and villages. Up to over 2000m.
Food Mainly small mammals and small birds, also tree frogs and lizards.
Breeding Breeds January - June, in tree cavities, sink holes, ledges and buildings. 3-7 eggs. Otherwise presumed similar to the Barn Owl.
Call Rapid trills of clicking followed by rasping wheeze, also piercing scream.
Status Locally common, although its limited range would suggest that it is potentially vulnerable especially if the human population growth in Hispaniola continues. The bigger, stronger American Barn Owl T.a.pratincola also exists on the island and competes for nest sites and habitat.
Comments The WORLD OWL TRUST is currently part of a international breeding program for this species, managed by the Society for the Conservation and Research of Owls (SCRO).
Races Monotypic, although some authors include T.a.nigrescens and T.a.insularis from nearby islands as races of this species. However only T.glaucops has the characteristic “Ashy face”.
No additional races.
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