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Saturday 20th December, 2014

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Barn Owl
Tyto alba Food

The Short-tailed Vole (or Field Vole), is the Barn Owl's commonest prey. They often account for more than half of its food intake during the breeding season. Also preyed on are the Wood Mouse (or Long-tailed Field Mouse), the Bank Vole and the Common Shrew. There have been several studies into the variety of prey that constitute the Barn Owl diet and the following table details the estimated proportions:

Barn Owl - Food
Prey % Consisting of
Voles 52 Mostly Short-tailed Voles, Some Bank Voles
Shrews 27 Mostly Common Shrews
Mice 15 Mostly Wood Mice, Some Brown Rats
Birds 5 None
Other 1 None


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