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Thursday 30th October, 2014

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Wulf’s Blog


Tuesday 28th October 2014

We’re about halfway through the Halloween week now. We’ve had some new lighting installed around the Main Display. These are brand new L.E.D. lights which show off the birds to splendid effect. This has allowed some of our owls to become real stars on the Spooky Owl Tours. We have around 6 candle torches as well, but for some reason they don’t want to stay lit, and constantly need relighting, which is a shame, as they add a lot of atmosphere.

This year, Sophie is helping with the tours, and with her Shakespearian training, is a real asset, as she announces each new tour.

We have an additional touch to the costume this year, as we have both been wearing contact lenses to add to the overall effect. Sophie has been wearing orange ones which look like the eyes of an Eagle Owl, and I have been wearing white ‘zombie’ contacts. Unfortunately we haven’t managed to get a good picture of both of us, but I have included one of myself in ‘full fig’. This is the first time I’ve worn contact lenses of any kind, and have carefully read the ‘chapter and verse’ which was the instructions. Getting them in was a little tricky. Getting them back out again was scary! You are supposed to hold your eyelids open with your fingers, look up, and with the thumb and index finger of your other hand, slide the lens down your eye, and then pinch it out. I followed the instructions, held my eye open; looked up, and ‘slid’ the lens down, ‘pinched’, and looked in the mirror. My reflection stared back at me with zombie eyes! I tried it again, with the result that my reflection was still regarding me balefully with zombie eyes. After half a dozen attempts, I was beginning to wonder whether I might have to get used to my new look. On lucky number seven, I managed at last to ‘scrape’ them from my tortured eye balls, with the result that I had blurred vision for the rest of the night, and my overall appearance wasn’t much improved, as I had substituted the zombie eyes for severely ‘bloodshot’! In the process of removing the contacts, I managed to ‘wreck’ one of them, and I will save the last one for the actual Halloween night.

See you next week


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Wulf in Spooky Owl Tours 'full fig'
Wulf in Spooky Owl Tours 'full fig' Picture courtesy Wulf Ingham
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