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Tuesday 2nd September, 2014

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Wulf’s Blog


Wednesday 26th August 2014

We’ve just had the last ‘big’ date of the summer; August Bank Holiday. Soon it’ll be back to school for the kids. We just about got away with the weather over the weekend. Having said that, I don’t think it’s just my imagination, but everything feels a tad autumnal. many trees have a tinge of amber and russet to them, as though the leaves are already turning. I suppose we had an early spring, so the cycle of the seasons is already more advanced than in previous years. One day last week, I was doing a stock check down in the Breeding Ground, and I came across a little frost pocket! Is this a sign of things to come?

We had a medieval weekend with both the ‘Red Wyvern’ and the ‘Iron Shepherds’ performing on different days. The Red Wyvern did archery and trebuchet demonstration sandwiched either side of the ‘Meet the Birds’ talk, which meant we had to be on the ball so as not to mess up the itinerary of the day.

There isn’t much happening with regards the owl collection at present, other than we have discovered Barn Owlet in the tree box in the Laybourne aviary. This isn’t entirely unexpected, as Barn Owls are notorious for being able to breed almost, as the will takes them, but it is useful to know we have extra mouths to feed.

See you next week.


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