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Saturday 20th December, 2014

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Wulf’s Blog


Tuesday 1st April 2014

The 2014 visitor season has now commenced. British summertime is now with us. All of a sudden it stays light for longer at night. The spring flowers are in bloom, and ‘Meet the Birds’ is once again a daily occurrence. Well, that’s the theory anyway. The first ‘Meet the Birds’ took place on Saturday the 29th of March. Yours truly here was hosting the inaugural event. The weather was set fair. All seemed well until around noon the wind got up. By 2pm the signs were being blown over. I set up the speaker on the front lawn, and even that was being blown round on its stand. No matter what I tried, it kept swivelling away from where the audience was standing, and facing the opposite direction. Mortimer the Buzzard had some difficulty flying, but my main concern was little ‘Fidget’ the Barn Owl. He is very small by Barn Owl standards, with a weight to match. He only weighs around 8 ounces. Seeing as this was his first Flying display of the season, I decided to play it safe, and put him on the creance line, which is a thin line used in training to prevent birds from flying away, only in this case it was for his own safety. He had tremendous difficulty, and at one stage he was physically blown in to the audience, and came alarmingly close to some dogs. I then decided it might be better to do a static display with him. There is an old falconer’s adage; “when the wind is high, do not fly”. There is certainly some wisdom in that.

It has been confirmed that officially we now have 2 Pharaoh Eagle Owlets. This was visually confirmed by the keepers over the weekend. This is great news, as we have been trying to breed them for a long time. It is quite an exciting time at present, as generally we don’t know how many owlets we have at the moment. This time of year always hints at tremendous potential. We shall see.

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