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Thursday 18th December, 2014

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Wulf’s Blog


Wednesday January 2nd 2013

Happy New Year! My hangover yesterday morning was verging on epic proportions! Cloudy Scrumpy cider no doubt had something to do with it. Having worked on both Christmas day and Boxing Day, it was my turn to have New Year’s Day off.

On the owl side of things, the Ashy-faced Owls in the Main Display have kicked the year off by laying 2 eggs. This no longer comes as a surprise, as they have lain at this time before.

We received a wild female Kestrel on the 29th of December from someone in Millom. It appeared to have flown into something and stunned itself. Both David and I looked at the bird, and found no obvious injuries. It was a bit thin. We concluded that it needed a bit of rest and recuperation. We left it in the Wildlife Hospital quite happily tucking into a mouse and chick, only to find out it died late afternoon on the 31st of December. It has gone for a post-mortem, as this is a most unexpected outcome.

On my travels to and from work I had what I can only describe as an intriguing sighting; I spotted a Common Buzzard worming in one of the fields next to the road, not unusual in itself, but nearer to my car was what appeared to be another Buzzard, also probably worming, only this Buzzard had a white head! Buzzards don’t have white heads, but Red Kites do! I can’t say for certain that I saw a Red Kite, but what other explanation can there be? I saw a Red Kite in March 2012 on the Furness peninsular, no doubt one that had been released from Grizedale; therefore it should only be a matter of time before we see them on our part of the coastline. Still, it was, (for me at least), a noteworthy event.

Anyway, just to round things off, it’s still officially ‘the festive season’, as on the Christian calendar, the decorations shouldn’t come down until the 6th of January, which is supposedly when the three kings came, bearing their gifts for the newborn, which reminds me of one of the nativity plays my wife and I watched of our youngest daughter performing in one version, (she was one of the sheep). One of the three kings came forward and said; "We come bearing gifts of gold, Frankenstein and myrrh".

I hope you all have a happy and hopefully prosperous new year.


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