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Friday 19th December, 2014

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Wulf’s Blog


Thursday May 3rd 2012

I went to visit a private owl breeder with David Armitage the other day. This was some three hours drive away. The collection we visited was wonderful to say the least. It was in somebody’s back garden. The grounds were immaculate, as were the aviaries. I can safely say I have never seen a collection as well kept. I have also never seen as many owlets in one room as at this collection. There must have been over 50. There were Long-eared Owlets, American Barn Owlets, Striped Owlets, Greyish Eagle Owlets, Chaco Owlets, Tawny Owlets, White-faced Owlets, and last but not least; Tengmalm’s Owlets. These last were, as it turns out, total eating machines. All these owlets were being crèche reared. and the Tengmalm’s owlets needed supplying with food all the time, or they would start eating each other! This something to bear in mind, when breeding Tengmalm’s Owls!

The journey there and back was quite interesting as well, with David Armitage doing the driving. We went in the works van. It’s amazing how fast you can go in 3rd gear when cruising on dual carriage ways! Having said that, both the journey there and back only took two and a half hours.

The breeding season here at the Centre is ‘on the cusp’ of revealing 2012s potential. The breeder list update is showing a lot of question marks at present. I’m sure many of them will turn into ‘owlets’ as the week’s progress.

See you next week

Head Keeper

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