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Friday 19th December, 2014

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Wulf’s Blog


Saturday February 4th 2012

The whole country is waiting with baited breath for a heavy dollop of snow. It has been raining slightly here at Muncaster, but that what usually happens here. The owls don’t appear concerned. We have some pairs which have started breeding; the Indian Eagle Owls; possibly the American Barn Owls, and the latest being the African Spotted Eagle Owls. I think it is safe to say they know best.

We have been clearing the Breeding Ground this week; that is to say we’ve been clearing out all the old waste bits of weld mesh and chain link wire that has been accumulating since well before my time. So far we have moved enough to be recycled into a small aircraft carrier! It’s amazing how much was hidden over the years by undergrowth. The recent inclusion of pigs in the Breeding Ground has exposed much of it. We should have managed to complete this task by the end of next week.

It’ll soon be time to start getting the flying birds into shape for the flying season. We’ll start manning them at half term week, and start getting their weight down, ready for the daily Meet the Birds session at the end of March. The off season goes by quicker every year.

See you next week

Head Keeper

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