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Monday 22nd December, 2014

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Wulf’s Blog


Saturday September 4th 2010

Again, time has marched on relentlessly. Another landmark event for the Trust has been consigned to history. The first World Owl Trust benefit gig; namely the Billy Mitchell and Bob Fox gig took place last night in the Stable Yard. The weather couldn’t have been better. It all went like a dream. All the tickets sold out. The atmosphere was electric. The warm up act went by the name of ‘The Mighty Tree’, and his comedy lyrics went down a storm. ‘The Mighty Tree’ also proved himself to be a ‘Mighty’ compare, as he announced the arrival on stage of ‘Bill and Bob’. Their performance was bewitching! Even more so, when they announced the fact that they hadn’t played together since last October! The banter was very funny as well, as you can imagine with two ‘likely lads’ from the North East. They did two sets, with an interval of half an hour, in between which, Debs Smith did a raffle draw which raised another £180 - towards her sponsored sky dive. The end of the performance drew near,and both Bill and Bob, being the craftsmen they, weaved their magical spell on the audience, when they finished on that well known song ‘Monday Monday’. Bob started his signature line on the guitar, building a pleasurable anticipation in the audience as to what Bill’s counter melody was going to be like, when CRASH! JARRR! Bill joins in with the kind of ugly discord Deep Purple might have been proud of in their dark heyday. Bill starts sniggering, and asks Bob, who at this time is still playing his line, what key he is in. (Geordie accent), Ye do realize this is in ‘E’ don’t ye Bob? Bob smirks and adjusts to the required key. Magic restored. This enjoyable night made a clear profit for the Trust of around £1000, as well as bringing the World Owl Trust to the attention of many people who had never heard of us before.

On the owl side of things, what was significant this week, was Metro’s progress. With less than week’s worth of flying training, ITV wanted to come and film him flying. This had originally been scheduled for Friday the 17th of September, but due to filming commitments this was only practical on Friday the 3rd, some two weeks earlier than scheduled. I arranged this date with a degree of trepidation, as not only could I not guarantee his performance, but also, I couldn’t as yet gauge what his reaction might be to the camera. I needn’t have worried. He was a star. I think the relief on my face was palpable. So, all in all, yesterday was a hectic day. Another interesting thing happened this week; Vicky discovered a young Long-eared Owl in the Laybourne aviary. It would seem that another clutch of Long-eareds has hatched in there. We will have to wait until the end of the season to catch them all up, to see how many we actually have. Lastly, the old Greyish Eagle Owl which was admitted to hospital a week ago, is now fit enough to go back to it’s aviary. I would like to think that it still has some quality time look forward to before it’s number is up.

Head Keeper

Juvenile Long-eared Owl
A juvenile Long-eared Owl.
Please note the down on it’s head, and the, as yet not fully developed ear tufts.
Picture courtesy Terry Evison
Juvenile Long-eared Owl
A juvenile Long-eared Owl.
Again, note the down on it’s head, and the, as yet not fully developed ear tufts.
Picture courtesy Terry Evison

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