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Saturday 20th December, 2014

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Wulf’s Blog


Saturday 5th March 2011

You can feel spring in the air. Almost daily now there are owls starting their breeding cycle here at the Centre. Mortimer is nearly at her fighting weight, and should be flying free by next week, which means she will be ready in time for the start of the flying season in a few weeks time.

It’s been quite interesting this week for, what is for me, an unusual reason; you may be familiar with ITV’s series ‘The Lakes’, which in the Border Region is broadcast on Mondays at 20.30pm. We finally had an appearance on the show. The story was about ‘Metro’ the latest addition to the flying team. It charted his development from an owlet barely three weeks old up until the completion of his training for Meet the Birds. From the positive feedback we have received from this, the story has gone down well with the viewers. I have to be honest, and say that seeing and hearing one’s self is quite cringe worthy and strange, but I imagine everybody in that situation feels similar.

It was quite amusing while I was watching it at home. We have an African Grey Parrot. He is quite a character who took to watching me on the TV and got into his stride by replying to the things I was saying on the programme. A day or two later I was exercising our dogs in a nearby field, when a four wheel drive suddenly screeched to a halt. I was thinking I was going to get told off for going into the field when the driver called out and said; “I saw you on the telly the other day. You were very good!” I was not expecting that. Still, they say everybody has their 15 minutes of fame, I suppose it’s my turn at present.

On a final note, severe cold snap we had a few months ago has finally revealed it’s latest casualty; the Cordyline in the Greyish Eagle Owl’s aviary in the Main Display. I have seen this grow into the magnificent specimen it became, but it is not looking too hot right now. Just check out the photo. David the Collection Manager is going to cut it back, as there is a chance it may sprout again. It’s a shame however, as this really set the aviary off. We will have to see.

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The Cordyline in the Greyish Eagle Owl's aviary in the Main Display
The Cordyline in the Greyish Eagle Owl’s aviary in the Main Display Picture courtesy Terry Evison
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