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Sunday 21st December, 2014

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Wulf’s Blog


Tuesday 5th August 2014

We had a wet few days in a row last week. Meet the Birds had to be done in the Stable Yard due to ‘persistent precipitation’. It gave our juvenile Kestrel the opportunity to familiarise itself with rain. It soon cottoned on that it might be an idea to seek shelter. By raptor standards, falcons are quite bright! Hopefully it won’t be too long before it can be released.

There was a ‘colour run’ at Muncaster on Sunday; this involved all the runners getting covered in paint or some such. It was great fun, and managed to raise £20,000. - For charity into the bargain. The front lawn of the castle does however look like the aftermath of a bloody battle at the moment. Just check out the photo.

We have a little ‘friend’ who has been coming to visit over the years. It is a female Mallard which must have had a foot injury when she was very young, as one of her feet is partially missing. This makes her very easy to identify. She has a habit of coming to the feed room, where we then put a little mixed grain out for her. I was just wondering what had happened to her, as she hadn’t been around for a while, when she suddenly ‘dropped out of the sky’ last Friday around mid morning when I was doing some morning feeds. She saw me walking back to the feed room, and proceeded to furiously hobble in my direction. This looked very comical, and she was duely rewarded with some breakfast. It was almost like she was letting us know she was still alright.

See you next week


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Muncaster front lawn after the colour run
Muncaster front lawn after the colour run Picture courtesy Wulf Ingham
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