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Thursday 18th December, 2014

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Wulf’s Blog


Tuesday 6th November 2013

The Halloween week was very busy. This is possibly in part due to the fact that once in the grounds, everything was free except for the castle tours. This meant that every ‘Spooky Owl Tour’ was fully booked, and then some! We were doing five tours per night. The fact that the clocks had gone back, also worked to our advantage, which meant we could do tours from 6pm onwards.

This meant that it was always quite a rush to get all the prep done for the tours. It wasn’t just a case of switching the Halloween lights on, but also getting everybody out of the centre, and locking up. We were also doing fire lanterns, which needed lighting. Last but not least, we also had to get into the spirit of things, and get dressed up with spooky make up. All things being well, I would be ready by about 10 to 6.

At one stage, I did a tour, with David and Sparky assisting. At the end, I tell people they can take some photos with ‘the sinister usher’, (David), and Sparky and that I will let them out by unlocking the door. The door on the entrance unit is sort of setback in an alcove, which means it is hidden from view to anybody walking down the ramp. This meant that I too was also hidden from view. This woman came walking down the ramp, and on suddenly seeing me, she physically jumped up in the air, and exclaimed; “That’s the worst scare I’ve had all night!” This same lady had just walked round the centre with me for the previous half hour!

By the end of the week, I was starting to run on automatic pilot. Doing five tours a night, in full voice is quite tiring!

The final night was on Friday the 1st of November. There was a spectacular fireworks display on the castle roof, as well as Catherine wheels on the castle front lawn. This, no doubt, was the main factor in ensuring that the cafe broke all its previous sales records!

The following day was the opposite extreme, as now, the visitor season had officially ended, and the place was basically deserted.

See you next week


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Spooky Wulf
Spooky Wulf Picture courtesy Olwyn Ingham
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