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Sunday 21st December, 2014

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Wulf’s Blog


Saturday 7th May 2011

I mentioned last week about the infinite potential of the year. It would seem that this year’s potential is now becoming apparent, as owlets are making their presence felt all round the collection. If food consumption is anything to go by, there are quite a few more species to come out of the woodwork yet. This week has otherwise been quite uneventful. Vicky has gone to a craft fair in Hatfield with David the Collection Manager. Tythe the Barn Owl went with them to represent the owls. Michelle has nursed a slipped disk in her back, and in spite of this, has managed to turn up for work. This has meant that aside from our regular volunteers, only Michelle and I have been in this week.

A month into the new season has gotten the ‘Meet the Birds’ display back on an even keel, with a favourable response from the public.

The next priority is to promote the World Owl Trust charity concert which is taking place on the Bank Holiday Monday the 30th of May 2011. The headlining act will be the Billy Mitchell Band. Billy Mitchell was the frontman for Lindisfarne for 8 years, and was a founding member of ‘Jack the Lad’ in the early 70s. He will be joined by a few of his friends from his Lindisfarne days. The supporting act is one of Cumbria’s finest; the Olly Alcock Band from Carlisle. Tickets are available online from here priced at £12.50, or at £14.50 on the night. For more information about both acts, click here.

On a different subject, this year’s sponsored walk has so far raised nearly £4500. - making it a runaway success. For more info on this, click here for a full report. As a postscript to this episode, I would like to add that not all of us came off scot free. Debs Smith, who is one of WOT Trustees belatedly found out that the prolonged strain of the walk in actual fact caused a hairline fracture in her foot. This something she found out to her cost while attempting a long walk in the Peak District about a week later. I will leave you with a picture of her convalescing.

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Debs Smith with her foot in plaster
Debs Smith with her foot in plaster Picture courtesy Roy Smith
Debs Smith with her foot in plaster
Debs Smith with her foot in plaster Picture courtesy Roy Smith


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