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Friday 19th December, 2014

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Wulf’s Blog


Tuesday May 8th 2012

I’m glad to say the owlets are beginning to make their presence felt around the centre. Since the weekend there have been confirmed sightings of three Great Grey Owlets and four Burrowing Owlets. I have heard owlets in with the Dark-breasted Barn Owls in the Breeding Ground this morning. It would appear also that the Long-eared Owl in the Laybourne which produced a single owlet a few months ago has now recycled. There has been a confirmed sighting of an owlet in her nest box. We know we have some almost fully grown owlets in with both pairs of American Barn Owls in the Breeding Ground.

We have had our share of disappointment though; I have checked the nest boxes of the Ural Owls and Striped Owls in the Main display, and both nest boxes were empty, despite the females being out of sight for a month. I imagine that more results will become apparent in the near future.

I would like to mention a project that one of my friends on Facebook has started just now; this is in India, and is called Owls; the DARK Knights. This is a facebook page dedicated to educating against prevailing superstitions in India. I think this is a worthwhile cause in a country where people often have very different priorities compared with the average westerner. How can we expect people who believe owls to be evil, to help in owl conservation? I would like to wish Adityana Sawant all the best with this project.

Head Keeper

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