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Sunday 21st December, 2014

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Wulf’s Blog


Saturday 9th April 2011

It’s frightening how time flies by. It’s been exactly 15 years since I was first employed by the World Owl Trust. Well, 15 years and a day. The 8th of April 1996 was my first day in work for WOT. We think, when we are young, that there is plenty of time to do the things we want to, but that is just an illusion. Have I managed to do the things I set out to do? No I haven’t. Trying to make the progress we might like to, is often like wading through quicksand, but that’s life.

The owls don’t seem to have those kind of problems. Life is very straight forward for animals. We have lots of eggs from various participants. We have owlets as already mentioned in previous blogs. I can add to that the Dark-breasted Barn Owls. They have one owlet which is approximately three weeks old and which is making a racket which sounds like a whole brood.

Meet The Birds has finally hit it’s stride this week, despite continued staff shortages due to illness. Mortimer has developed a ‘mania’ for the dummy bunny. She appears determined ‘see it off’, as she is very reluctant to stop kicking ten bells out of it on the lawn.

The funds from the sponsored walk are still coming in, and the running total so far is well over £4000 - which smashes every record for fundraising to date. I would like to thank everybody who has contributed. I know some of us did the walk, but our efforts would have been pointless without your support.

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Andy and Wulf watching Griffon Vultures in Spain
Andy and Wulf watching Griffon Vultures in Spain Picture courtesy Roy and Debs Smith
Griffon Vultures in Spain
Griffon Vultures in Spain Picture courtesy Brian Fagg
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