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Saturday 29th November, 2014

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Wulf’s Blog


Saturday April 10th 2010

Last week I talked about Spring as in something to look forward to. This week it looks like it has finally arrived. All of a sudden, flowers have burst into bloom, and many trees have, overnight, developed a lovely fresh green haze; the start of this year's leaf growth.

I started this week in the pouring rain, doing our static Meet The Birds presentation in the Stable Yard, where the Cafe is. It was wet and miserable, something the many children picked up on, as they registered a vocal protest, over which I endeavoured to do my talk, with only limited success.

How different the end of the week has turned out. What a difference a bit of sunshine makes! The last couple of days the audiences at Meet The Birds have been larger, and also, more responsive, which really helps to make our job easier.

Both Andy and myself have been doing video clips of Mortimer doing her thing at Meet The Birds, with the aim of putting together a bit of footage for our website.

I have to say we have been keeping Shaun, our web master quite busy of late. I hope he doesn’t mind too much*. But being very capable, we rely on him to turn our sometimes crazy ideas into a reality.

Keep an eye on the website, as a few more projects are in the offing!

I have included a photo of the first owlet to make it out of the nestbox so far this year; an African Spotted Owlet. This is one of the nest sites on the webcam on the website, and as I write this, the owlet is plainly visible on the webcam, so, if you get a chance, take a few minutes the check it out.

Recent African Spotted Eagle Owlet Hatching
Recent African Spotted Eagle Owlet Hatching
Photo courtesy Wulf Ingham

I was cleaning the breeding ground yesterday, and was hosing/rinsing the aviary of ‘Bert’ and ‘Betty’, the Mackinder’s Eagle Owls who have an owlet, (see last week's blog), and Betty was her usual rapacious self, but Bert obviously had other priorities, as he patiently stood there while I filled up his plastic bath with fresh clean water. Once full, he proceeded to do his ablutions, and to end off, ‘defecated in the newly filled up bath’. The end result being that I had to re-clean the bath and put in, some fresh water. Animals have their own timetables and itinaries, regardless of what our plans are. Another example came this morning, when I had to go and pick up the Owl Trust’s van, which needed a new MOT, and was at a nearby garage. On the way back, past the petrol station, there was billboard advertising one of the main political parties, for the current election campaign. It was erected in a field where the inhabitants, a flock of sheep, were busy using the uprights as convenient scratching posts. I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only one who smiled at this.

Head Keeper

* He doesn't mind at all - Shaun

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