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Monday 22nd December, 2014

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Wulf’s Blog


Saturday March 13th 2010

Time marches on relentlessly. In spite of the the weather, Spring will not be denied. We came in on a few mornings, to find hosepipes frozen solid, as has been the case for much of the winter, but when the sun rises, the thaw sets in quickly, and the night frosts are nothing but a dark memory.

This is reflected in our ‘breeder list’, that is, the birds that have been recorded as officially breeding. This is a list which I update once weekly, and is getting quite long. We now also have a ‘morning feed list’ for the species which, (all being well), should have hatched by now. The ‘African Spotted Eagle Owls’ on display on the webcams being one of them. As things stand, I haven’t seen anything yet, but early signs are quite encouraging. The female African Spotted Eagle Owl looks like she is ‘mantling’ something, as opposed to ‘sitting’ on something. The food intake of the ‘Brown Wood Owls’ in the ‘Breeding Ground’ has increased slightly, which is good.

We have, in the past week, managed to successfully re-introduce; 2 Tawny Owls back to the wild, and 1 Barn Owl. All three birds being ex wild injuries which managed to make a full recovery. It’s at times like this that we feel we are doing a worthwhile job

On the flying bird side of things, ‘Mortimer’ the Common Buzzard is now flying free on the castle lawn, and is fit and ready for the visitor season, which kicks off on the 21st of March. ‘Tythe’ the Barn Owl is also ready, and ‘Moss’ the European Eagle Owl and ‘Toby’ the Tawny Owl are nearly there. A diet for the ‘fuller figure’ for the rest of this week should see them fit and raring to go by the 21st.

I am including two pictures of ‘Mortimer’s’ first ‘free flight’ of the season, (courtesy of T. Williams). She has an ‘exclusive’ new club called; ‘Friends of Mortimer’, and this picture shows she is worth a tenner of anybody’s money.

Mortimer's first free flight of the season  Mortimer's first free flight of the season
Mortimer’s first free flight of the season

Even Mort’s ‘dummy bunny’ is getting a ‘new jacket’ for the start of the season. The old one having suffered from Mort’s depredations over the years.

I have been doing some trials with the new cameras and printers, and have recently been trying out the rechargable batteries which go with the whole operation, and they actually make the operaing process a lot smoother, as the power leads which are no longer being used, can no longer get in the way of the printing process.

We will be using them for the first time ‘in anger’ so to speak on the 21st. If you are here on that date, you might be the first to benefit from this new improved working system.

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