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Monday 22nd December, 2014

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Wulf’s Blog


Saturday 15th October 2011

We re homed a few birds this week. Two Southern Horned Owls went; A Brown Wood Owl and a Great Grey Owl went to other collections. They will all have their role to play in maintaining a healthy gene pool for future generations.

This morning I had to pick up an ailing Dark Breasted Barn Owl in the Breeding Ground. Its abdomen was distended. I suspect it may have a broken egg inside it. It is on its way to the vet as we speak.

The weather was quite interesting as well. I know this is an oft repeated topic on this blog, but does have a big influence on the week’s happenings. Conditions have been decidedly ‘moist’. On Wednesday heavy rain overnight had raised the water table considerably. The wildlife pond’s overflows were choked up with flotsam, and had broken its banks. The island in the middle was completely underwater. I had to remove the grill on the middle main overflow; this removed all the flotsam, and restored run off. This caused some ‘interesting’ consequences. There instantly appeared a ‘Corryvrechan’ maelstrom in the middle of the pond. The resident ducks immediately recognized this as ‘The Gates of Death’ and scarpered. Within 30 seconds the water level had dropped by a foot and the island re appeared in the middle. There was an ominous rumble to be heard from the direction of the castle, where the pond overflow pipe makes a reappearance. I had visions of this violent torrent ‘washing away vast tracts of the castles foundation. Well, it sounded like that anyway. I have included some pictures from Wednesday on the front lawn. Please note the castle’s ‘fine reflection’ in the lawn itself. As for the cloudiness of the picture, this was caused by the ambient high humidity of the day causing the lens to steam up.

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Castle Front Lawn
Castle Front Lawn Picture courtesy Wulf Ingham
Castle Front Lawn
Castle Front Lawn Picture courtesy Wulf Ingham
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