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Thursday 18th December, 2014

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Wulf’s Blog


Saturday 16th April 2011

This has been an interesting week, well, yesterday was anyway. Come to think of it, Thursday was as well, but all for the wrong reasons. On Thursday I made some new Flying jesses for Mortimer and Tythe. These have to be cut to measure from Kangaroo hide. That’s the easy bit. These jesses are fitted permanently to the anklets of Flying birds, and don’t have eyelets. This means that when you are flying a bird, you can take out the mews jesses with eyelets, and theoretically if the bird flies off, the flying jesses minus eyelets can’t get snagged on twigs and branches. The hard bit comes when you have to fit the new jesses to the bird. You have to cut the old jesses, (or the remains thereof), from the birds anklets before fitting the new ones. The subject upon whom this lavish attention is being bestowed is usually not very appreciative. This was most definitely the case on Thursday when Vicky caught up Mortimer for restraint while I put her new jesses on. Usually Mortimer goes into her; ‘O my god. I’m too young to die!’ mode, and goes into a blind panic. Not this time! She knew it was Vicky doing the catching, and immediately went into attack mode, ‘welding’ herself to Vicky’s hand, necessitating her ‘surgical’ removal. Once I had finished, Vicky had to let Mortimer go and then exit her aviary before Mortimer could regroup and attack again, only Mortimer DIDN’T regroup, she didn’t need to. She immediately came back at Vicky trying to attach herself to Vicky’s calf muscle. Vicky managed to escape just in time. Needless to say, it was best to give Mort a wide birth after that.

Friday the 15th was equally memorable. I was setting up for the daily Meet the Birds display, and at 14.25pm, I was stood up at the bushes where we block the flying birds, when I heard a commotion. Directly in front of me, I saw one man punch a man who was seated. In the first instance I couldn’t believe my eyes, thinking I must have seen it wrong, they must have been larking about. I went closer to investigate, and saw the blood on the assaulted man’s face, confirming my worst fears. The man who had thrown the punch was very defensive, and in retrospect I believe, must have regretted his actions; he was by now trying to flee the scene, with the assaulted man running after him, with blood all over his face screaming for vengeance, or words to that effect. I caught up with them by the wildlife pond, as they were going at a fair rate of knots, and by then had radioed for assistance, bringing Andy on the scene. Muncaster and the police were involved, before this incident could be cleared up. The Police came round to my house later last night for a full witness statement.

All in all, a very different week!

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