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Monday 22nd December, 2014

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Wulf’s Blog


Saturday 16th July 2011

I’ll start with the typically British obsession with the weather. After all, this has even been the subject on prime time TV; very good for most of the week, and then.... Today so far has been a complete washout. I woke up to torrential rain; took the dog out in torrential rain; came to work in torrential rain, and did the morning inspection in torrential rain. We had quite a few rain soaked birds which needed picking up off the ground and putting in their shelters; nothing else wrong with these birds. Owls actually like to rain bathe, as this helps to maintain their feather condition. Only last week, when a light shower made its presence felt, many of our birds could be observed holding their wings out to take full advantage of this sudden downpour. After the warm weather encountered this week, I suspect they were more than ready for last night’s rain, only to find themselves too wet to fly when the time came to get back under shelter.

We have had one casualty however; a Chaco Owlet was picked up that wasn’t too well. It was put in to the hospital, where it died by 11 AM. It will be going for a post-mortem later today.

A friend sent me an article via facebook last week, and it shows the image left behind after an owl collided with a window, I thought I could see the outline of ear tufts, check out this link, and see for yourself here

See you next week.

Head Keeper

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