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Saturday 20th December, 2014

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Wulf’s Blog


Tuesday 21st October 2014

We’ve just had the first ‘big’ storm of the season. Looking out of the office window, the big Elm tree at near the old dairy has lost most of its leaves already. With a bit of luck, the weather will have calmed down a bit by the weekend.

We have shipped a bit of damage overnight. We have lost some plastic sheeting on three aviaries; one of them was potentially seriously damaged. There was a hole big enough for an escape. We have managed to affect an effective temporary repair with some mesh. It would seem that the whole roof will need replacing.

On the subject of wind, I was walking the dogs with my family at Ulverston canal on Sunday. This is Britain’s shortest canal, and is no longer used as such. Nowadays it is more a nature reserve. There are Water Lilies, and water fowl such as Moorhens and Mute Swans. As I was saying, this is on the subject of wind; the weather was rather....well...’windy’. There was a ‘flotilla’ of Mute Swans a bit further along, and one of them had for whatever reason decided to take flight ,and was flying in our direction. You could hear the throbbing sound their wings make, which is something that gives me Goosebumps, as these magnificent creatures are tied to the legend of the Valkyries. It being a very large bird, it was having to work hard at gaining some altitude, and was trying to clear the railway bridge a little further ahead. The gusty wind was causing the bird to sway from side to side, and I saw it only just clear the wire fence on this side of the bridge. A sudden gust however, caused the Swan to clip the fence on the far side, resulting in the unfortunate creature nose-diving some 30 feet straight into the canal! A couple of young lads were fishing nearby, and to their credit, they immediately jumped up with their net to assist the poor bird. The Swan however, had other plans! It ‘exploded’ out of the water, frantically looking around, as if to say; “did anybody see that?” Then, albeit looking a tad dishevelled, it folded its wings up and started to swim back towards where it had started from. The two lads then said that was the second time it had crash-landed there that afternoon!

Back on the subject of Halloween, there’s going to be an added touch to the theatrical side of things with the Spooky Owl Tours this year! Come and find out if you dare!

See you next week


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