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Friday 19th December, 2014

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Wulf’s Blog


Tuesday 22nd October 2013

Today is the calm before the storm. We will be finishing the 2013 visitor season with a bang. We are getting geared up for the Halloween Week here at Muncaster. I don’t think there is a greater Halloween event in all of Cumbria. We will be doing the Spooky Owl Tours again. Only for the brave! Come and visit us if you dare!

A few weeks ago, our old pair of Turkemenian Eagle Owls went to another collection. We have had no luck in trying to breed with this particular pair. In fact we have had no luck with this particular species in the last 20 years! The Turkemenian Eagle Owl is a slightly paler, slightly smaller version of the European Eagle Owl; the nominate race of the Eurasian Eagle Owl. Once upon a time it was quite common in UK collections, but as is usually the case with owl species that are common in captivity, many collections don’t try too hard to breed with them, which then results in an ageing population with impaired ability to breed. I’m afraid the Turkemenian Eagle Owl is in this category, which is a shame, as it is a beautiful owl. We have obtained a pair of youngsters, and hopefully they will prove fruitful in years to come. We have just moved them out into their aviary in the Main Display. On my rounds this morning, one of them was looking slightly bemused. Its head was a bit wet, resulting in that spiky punky look they get. I imagine they were a little bemused by the rain we’ve had after having spent time in our quarantine unit. At least the weather has been mild. Unseasonably so form what the weather forecasters have been saying. No doubt when the cold does come, it will hit us like a sledgehammer!

Anyway, that’s about it for now, do come and visit us during the Halloween Week here at Muncaster. As far as I’m aware, most activities are free, once you have paid your entrance fee, and this includes the Spooky Owl Tours.

See you next week


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