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Friday 19th December, 2014

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Wulf’s Blog


Saturday 23rd July 2011

This week we have had mixed a bag weather wise. Today is the first day which promises to be settled and dry.

We have however managed to catch up with some of the inevitable strimming which needs doing this time of the year. The Breeding Ground has had a much needed trim this week, as have several aviaries in the Main Display. The problem is that although we like to encourage nature and wild flowers, we have to walk a ‘fine line’ between things looking wild, and things looking cared for. As soon as the natural vegetation has gone through its cycle and set seed, it looks tired and unkempt, creating the wrong impression for our visitors. Strimming helps to scatter the seed as well.

We have had some new arrivals in the form of 2 juvenile Western Screech Owls, which came from a private breeder we exchange a lot of stock with. We have to rely on private breeders to help us with our breeding programmes, as there aren’t enough zoos in Britain to help make a difference. We have feather sexed them; that is to say we took some feather samples from them, which we send to a diagnostics lab, where they analyze the DNA to determine whether the birds are male or female. The early indications are that we have a male and a female.

On a slightly sad note, we lost one of our juvenile Chaco Owls. Circumstances point towards Flat flies again. Check my article out here for a more thorough explanation.

See you next week.

Head Keeper

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