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Sunday 21st December, 2014

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Wulf’s Blog


Tuesday 23rd July 2013

We have an orphan Tawny Owlet in at present. I may have mentioned it in an earlier blog. As luck would have it, we received an injured adult Tawny Owl. This individual provided suitable company for the youngster, which means that the owlet is now ready for a soft release. It always makes the job worthwhile when we can release birds back into the wild. Millie came to see me this morning. We have a spare aviary in the Breeding Ground which we can use for a soft release. A soft release by the way, is where we put a bird in an aviary for a while, and then let them go from the aviary, but leave food out for them on a daily basis until we are sure the bird has found its feet. This has always been a good way to release birds.

We have had the Chaco Owlet I mentioned last week, to the vet. It looks like it has a respiratory infection. It is on antibiotics. I have to say I am not optimistic. It is looking increasingly like this bird has already been ‘knobbed’ by the Hippoboscids at the centre. I would be very pleased if I were proven wrong on this.

Our resident Buffy Fish Owl, ‘Fish’ as he is affectionately known to the keepers, has also been to the vet. He has a recurring dermatological problem on his feet. His skin splits in the creases of his knuckle joints. This in itself is only a minor problem, but there is always a very real chance he may get an infection in his foot, which might then turn into bumble foot, which would be much more serious. This therefore requires careful monitoring. He too, is on antibiotics at present, although I’m happy to say he hasn’t got an infection. This may in part be due to the fact that his favourite perch; a rock on the ground is disinfected on a daily basis. Hopefully he’ll be with us ‘rubbernecking’ for many years to come.

See you next week.


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