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Saturday 25th October, 2014

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Wulf’s Blog


Tuesday 24th December 2013

Well, the weather just seems to keep on giving! It appears to be one Atlantic low after another. We are due another one on Friday the 27th of December. I’m sure this will be the usual ‘festive’ power cut for many of us in South West Cumbria.

We’ve shipped a bit of wind damage here at the Owl Centre. Plastic sheeting has been ripped off by the wind. Both David and I have managed to patch things up for now.

I went round the Breeding Ground this morning, during my morning stock check, and it is flooded. This is something we’ve managed to escape for most of this year, but now the water down there is as high as it’s ever been.

I’m happy to say, that the Burrowing Owls haven’t been put off by all this weather, and appear to be quite happily rearing their young family. The Ashy-faced Owls in the Main Display have taken the hint, and the female is down in the nest box. At an educated guess, I would say she is sat on at least one egg. This isn’t the first time Ashy-faced Owls have symbolically represented the New Year!

This will be my last entry of 2013. I would like to extend Yuletide Greetings to everybody who reads this blog, and also wish you all a happy & healthy New Year.

See you next year!


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