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Monday 22nd December, 2014

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Wulf’s Blog


Saturday 26th February 2011

We have had a Centre signage ‘make over’. Recently we were issued with new uniforms; they were sponsored by NFU Mutual Insurance. To have everything in keeping with this, the graphics on the information signs round the Centre were altered. I have to say, they are very eye catching; visitors have frequently been observed reading them, so they do work.

I have had a few days off. I have come back in to find the breeder board in the keeper’s staff room to have several entries on there. If our calculations are correct. The first owlets should just about have hatched by now. These are the White-faced Owls in the Owl Garden.

It’s Half Term week at the moment, and we are doing a static ‘Meet the Birds’ at present. All the stars are being retrained as we speak; in a few weeks time they should be ready to resume full duty. All the birds are on schedule for this. While I was training Mortimer, two visitors asked if they could take some photos. I have included them in this week’s blog.

On a slightly different subject, we have some additions on the livestock front; that is to say, Muncaster have decided to keep Pigs. There are four of them in the Breeding Ground in purpose built enclosures in the middle of the BG. As far as I’m aware they are rare breed pigs called ‘Oxford Browns’. I have never heard of them. I used to ‘live and breathe Pigs’, having in a past life been a Pig husband. I think part of the thinking was that they might get rid of the Japanese Knotweed that is such a problem down there. They have certainly ‘bulldozed’ the pen they are in. Because of this it was decided to let them out to roam round the Breeding Ground. The keepers, not being aware of this development had the shock of their lives on entry to the BG. They were ‘mugged’ by the Pigs who had ‘ploughed up’ the bottom path and had attempted to ‘eat’ the hosepipe used for cleaning the owls. It turns out (no surprise) that they are also partial to owl food. In the end it was decided that maybe it would be a good idea to put them back in their pen. Whatever other people’s reaction to them is, I like them, and think the Breeding Ground is all the more interesting because of them.

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Mortimer training for 'Meet The Birds'
Mortimer training for 'Meet The Birds' Picture courtesy Ian Robson
Mortimer training for 'Meet The Birds'
Mortimer training for 'Meet The Birds' Picture courtesy Ian Robson
Mortimer training for 'Meet The Birds'
Mortimer training for 'Meet The Birds' Picture courtesy Ian Robson


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