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Monday 22nd December, 2014

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Wulf’s Blog


Thursday 27th June 2013

Suddenly, the longest day of the year 2013 is history, and we are once again looking forward to the night's drawing in again. I know we (should) have some good weather to look forward to as yet, but once again, the year seems to be flying by.

Last weekend was also the Whitehaven Festival. The World Owl Trust was invited to take part. We had a gazebo on the pier where the tall ships were moored. The festival started on Friday the 21st of June. The last day was Sunday the 23rd. Vicky attended on the 21st and 22nd. It was my turn on the 23rd. We had Fidget the Barn Owl and Indie the Long-eared Owl as attendant owl ambassadors. It was quite 'interesting' on the Sunday, as the wind was 'lively', and getting increasingly so as the day progressed. We managed to put the sides on the gazebo, so at least the table was sheltered, and the wares on the table didn't end up flying, and then swimming in the harbour. It would seem, (compared with the previous day), that Sunday was a bit of a graveyard shift; the weather probably had something to do with that. The girls on the Saturday actually managed to meet some celebrities in the form of X-Factor judge Louis Walsh, and, much to the girl's delight; French Michelin star chef Jean Christophe Novelli, as well as Rosemary Shrager. The best we managed on Sunday was a 'frisky' robot! There was an interesting act in the harbour itself, in the form of somebody on a water jet pack, with water rockets propelling him from the ankles as well as wrists, not unlike 'Iron Man'. However, this might have been more entertaining for us if we hadn't have had to hold on to the gazebo for dear life! The wind was increasing in its unremitting intensity. Poor Fidget looked like he was in a wind tunnel. He was clamped to my wrist for dear life, trying not to get blown off. An executive decision was made to pack up around 2.30pm. This was achieved with the timely help of the festival security staff, without whom, the gazebo may well have ended up in the harbour! Many thanks. I ended up giving Jen Redhead a lift back to Muncaster, although, not before we had another close encounter with the 'frisky robot' who was strutting his stuff on the pier. All in all, an interesting day. Despite the weather, I still managed to sign up a member, so, still worth the effort.

See you next week


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