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Sunday 21st December, 2014

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Wulf’s Blog


Tuesday 28th January 2014

I helped Millie with some restoration work last week. I had previously helped take down an old ‘A frame’ style Barn Owl box near Ulverston which was in a state of bad repair. It had basically fallen apart. Having said that, the individual pieces were still sound. We managed to put the thing back together again with some ‘nifty screw work’. It took most of the morning, but it was time well spent, when you consider that the purchase price for one of these ‘mansions’ is £180! This will now go out again for some lucky Barn Owls to use.

We got an ‘eligible bachelor’ for our presently un attached female Western Screech Owl in the Breeding Ground. We introduced him to her last Thursday. We had to rescue him on Saturday. It seems she didn’t take to him! We’ll try another introduction on more neutral ground, once he has recovered from his beating!

Water continues to be a rather dominating feature at Muncaster, but this time it’s not just the weather! We have sprung a few leaks here and there! We needed to dig up the water supply pipe near the feed room in the Owl Garden. Some of the copper piping had been eroded. The water and the grounds at Muncaster are really acidic. It has been mended now. There were also several leaks in the feed room itself. The stop tap was leaking, as well as the two U bends below the sink, which necessitated us turning the mains water supply off after every use. Occasionally this would mean having to brush all the excess water from the feed room. The mains leak has been mended as well, but the leaks near the U bends are down to the fact that the plug attachments in the twin sinks are leaking. That is now on our ‘to do’ list.

I had help from Terry and Tammy Evison on Saturday; Tammy having returned after having a spell of bad health. It was nice to see her back in good health. I have included a few photos, taken by Terry.

See you next week


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Fluffy Brown Wood Owl
Fluffy Brown Wood Owl Picture courtesy Terry Evison
Brown Fish Owl
Brown Fish Owl Picture courtesy Terry Evison
Tammy At Work
Tammy At Work Picture courtesy Terry Evison
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