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Friday 19th December, 2014

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Wulf’s Blog


Saturday August 28th 2010

August has flown by. Not least because I have spent much of it on holiday. I have seen four species of wild monkey, several specimens of large spiders. A Praying Mantis gave me the ‘evil eye’ before flying onto my face. I’ve also had some beautiful encounters with Asian Elephants, and ‘forest giants’, (large trees). Now I have been back at work almost a week. It is the August Bank Holiday weekend, and also happens to be ‘Medieval Weekend’, as well. The Red Wyvern are here at Muncaster strutting their stuff. Each time they return, they get more impressive.

We have erected a gazebo in the Owl Garden, as a place for visitors to have a chat with us. At the time of writing this, the gazebo is manned by our stalwart volunteer Carla Gudgeon. Metro, (also known as Fidget to the keepers), is now fully grown, and has already done a stint on the stall as ‘owl ambassador’. We can now confirm that he is male. Some feather samples were taken for analysis while I was away, confirming my guess that he was male. He is small, but perfectly formed. Early indications are, that he has a placid disposition, and is very receptive to training. He hopped onto Vicky’s glove yesterday for chicken legs. This is very encouraging. In fact Vicky and Metro just came in while I was writing this paragraph, and informed me he had done 6 long hops to the glove on the front lawn, despite disturbance from the Red Wyvern. Brilliant!

I picked up a casualty yesterday. One of our Greyish Eagle Owls was showing signs of laboured breathing. The bird went to the vet with David, and is now in hospital on a course of antibiotics. This bird has had similar infections before, and at 27 years of age, this may be a sign it is nearing the end of it’s life. We will have to see.

On the fundraising side of things, Debs Smith, who I mentioned in my last blog, has organised her Sponsored skydive, and has already raised £135 - in the first three days. Should you wish to support her, you can do this by going to
Note: Deb's JustGiving page has now closed.

Our other fund raiser is also nearing fruition, namely the Billy Mitchell and Bob Fox gig here at Muncaster on the Friday the 3rd of September. Tickets are still available on line via, or ring the Owl Centre on 01229 717393. There may be tickets available on the night, but it would be advisable to check availability on the night by ringing the above number during office hours on Friday the 3rd of September. Food and drink may be purchased on site. It should be a good night.

See you next week.

Head Keeper

Metro the Barn Owl - Now Fully Grown
Metro the Barn Owl - Now Fully Grown Picture courtesy Vicky Lane

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