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Sunday 21st December, 2014

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Wulf’s Blog


Tuesday July 31st 2012

Just put some anklets on our latest Tawny Owl to join the flying team. His name is Fudge. I can’t say he was happy about it. We’ll have to give him some time to ‘cool down’, and then maybe, he’ll be responsive to training. He’s not quite lost his down on the top of his head, so it’s a bit early to start manning him on the glove so to speak. Initially when tethered to the glove, young birds tend to ‘bait off’ from the glove, that is to say; they try to fly off, resulting in them hanging upside down from their leash and jesses. To prevent too much stress being put on young bones, its best to wait until all the deck feathers have grown in, this way you know their bones have hardened off as well. ‘Dusk’ the juvenile European Eagle Owl is next for this process.

We’ve had some very good news. ‘The Orient Express’, yes, THE Orient Express have decided to sponsor an aviary for us here at the Owl Centre, as well as adopting our pair of Magellan Horned Owls which are down in the Breeding Ground at present. The Orient Express will be coming down the West Coast Line twice next year. A member of WOT team will be ‘alighting ‘the Express at Whitehaven, with an ‘owl ambassador on both these occasions; the dates being Saturday the 25th of May, and Sunday the 18th of August 2013.

Millie’s Moth Hunt on the 26th of July was a success, with 32 people having attended, although unfortunately on this occasion, no Netted Carpet Moths were found.

I would like to include a picture this of last Saturday’s ‘Meet and Greet’ team, who in spite of the often inclement weather put in a sterling effort on the day. The picture features volunteers Karla, Tamzin and Danielle with ‘Sparky’ the Barn Owl and ‘Toby’ the Tawny Owl.

See you next week

Head Keeper

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Meet And Greet Team
Meet And Greet Team Picture courtesy Terry Evison
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