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The World Owl Trust are endeavouring to help you make your visit to our website as easy and informative as possible. This site has been designed to be user-friendly and as easy to read as possible.

This website uses the UK Government accesskey system and the following information details each of the keyboard shortcut commands available to you.
  • Internet Explorer 4, Windows: Hold down the Alt key and select the number or letter of the access key
  • Internet Explorer 5+, Windows: Hold down the Alt key and select the number or letter of the access key, then release all keys and press Enter
  • Internet Explorer 4.5, Mac: Access keys not supported
  • Internet Explorer 5+, Mac: Hold down the Ctrl key and select the number or letter of the access key
  • Mozilla/Firefox: Hold down the Alt key and select the number or letter of the access key *
  • Netscape 6+: Hold down the Alt key and select the number or letter of the access key
  • Netscape earlier versions: Access keys not supported
  • Opera 7+: For each access key, press Shift and Esc then release both keys. Finally hold down the Ctrl key and select the number or letter of the access key

* If the access keys are not working in Firefox:

  1. Open a new browser window or tab in Firefox
  2. Type about:config in the location bar and press Enter
  3. This will bring up a configuration window with a text input box above it named Filter
  4. Type ui.key.contentAccess into the Filter input box
  5. The filter will narrow down the list of “Preference Names” to the single line item of interest
  6. Right-click your mouse button on this line-item to bring up a drop-down menu and then select Modify from that drop down menu
  7. Enter a value of 4 in the prompt that appears and click on the OK button
  8. That’s it! Close that window or tab and the access keys should now be working
Standard Access Keys
Key Function
0 Access Key Definitions
1 Home Page
3 Site Map
4 Search Our Site
8 Terms & Conditions
9 Contact Us
s Skip To Main Content

Access Keys used on contact forms throughout the site
Key Function
n Your Name
e Your E-mail Address
f Your Address Line One
g Your Address Line Two
h Your Address Line Three
d Your Town or City
c Your County/State
k Your Country
p Your Postcode
l Your Telephone Number
x Your Fax Number
y Your Message

On Membership-specific forms the “m” key is used for your Membership number.

Site Specific Access Keys
Key Function
t Top of Page
What other useful keyboard shortcuts are there? Tab moves you through the different page elements.
Backspace moves you back through the pages you have already visited.
Alt and Left Arrow/Cursor moves you back through the pages you have already visited.
Alt and Right Arrow/Cursor moves you forward through pages you have already visited.
Ctrl and Home takes you to the beginning of the page.
Ctrl and End takes you to the end of the page.
Spacebar moves the page down.
Page Up and Page Down moves the page up and down.

‘Skip to main content’ Navigation Link At the top of every page is a hidden link that is spoken by screen-reading software. This is the first link and, when selected, will make reading skip past the rest of the menu items and commence at the beginning of the main content of the page.

Please note: Your browser may or may not support access keys.

Browser Zoom Firefox 3 has full page zoom capabilities that will zoom both the text and images on a web page or local files offline such as images, graphics, and documents.
All of the zooming options are available from the View menu in Firefox. Firefox users find options to zoom in, zoom out and restore the default level in the Zoom submenu there. There is also one additional option to change the default zoom behavior to only zoom the text of a website. The default behavior is to zoom all elements of a website. Not many users will use the View > Zoom menu though to zoom in Firefox. It simply takes to long which is why the same effect can be achieved with keyboard shortcuts:
  • Zoom in: [CTRL +](Cmd on Mac) or [CTRL Mousewheel up](Cmd on Mac)
  • Zoom out: [CTRL -](Cmd on Mac) or [CTRL Mousewheel down](Cmd on Mac)
  • Reset Zoom: [CTRL 0](Cmd on Mac)
Mozilla-based Web Browsers - Caret Browsing Browse with caret allows users to select arbitrary content with the keyboard and move through content as if inside a read-only editor. This allows copying arbitrary pieces of text to the clipboard. The F7 key toggles this feature on/off.

Feedback If you have any questions regarding the accessibility of this site, if you experience any difficulty using our site, please use our webmaster feedback form giving details of your query or difficulty.

Useful Accessibility Links The BBC’s “My Web My Way” page
Launch of a new site to help users makes browsing easier. This site, a partnership between the BBC and AbilityNet, explains the many ways you can change your browser, computer, keyboard and mouse settings to make the web more accessible.
RNIB See It Right
The RNIB can audit websites to their See it Right standard, WAI (Website Accessibility Initiative) Level A, AA or AAA.

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