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"Good Conservation starts with Good Education."

People must learn about the problems facing wildlife if they are to make any efforts to help and at the World Owl Trust we have always had the ethos that Learning should be entertaining for the Adults, Fun and possibly a bit gross for the Children and a Memorable experience for everyone.

Owls are so hidden from view that it is often only a rare fleeting encounter that people have, which fires the imagination. When we look at the state of the planet now and the huge environmental problems that it is facing the task can seem impossible, there is no single solution to it all until humans disappear and more than 7 billion people will not just vanish.

So what can we do to help. Small simple things can be very effective often it is helping out the food chain slightly which is most benifical for threatend species.  The British Barn Owl is a prime example. They are stuggling through a lack of good habitat where they can hunt (they like long tuffty grass) and through a fall in the Short tailed Vole population which is their primary food source. The solution is to grow patches of long grass which can be used for hunting. Find out more here