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We regularly witness the disconnection from the natural world that Britain's younger generation is suffering. The qualification below would address that widening gulf. Tomorrow's conservationists are born today. Please take the time to sign the petition so we can take a step towards repairing the loss of knowledge and loss of empathy with the natual world which is happening with younger generations.

Develop a GCSE in Natural History.

Re-engagement with Britain's natural history has never been more urgent. Young people need the skills to name, observe, monitor and record wildlife. It is vital to understand the contribution nature makes to our lives physically, culturally, emotionally and scientifically both in the past and today

Britain’s reputation for recording its natural history was unsurpassed anywhere in the world. Those skills are disappearing as new generations are increasingly disconnected. The UK also has outstanding nature writing, art, poetry, film and radio. It has always been integral to our culture and heritage.

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Sponsored walk of the Icknield Way

Kevan Palmer WOT trustee writes about his planned sponsored walk for the Trust.

On the 1st July this year I will begin a personal journey that I have wanted to undertake for a long time.  That is to walk the 110 miles of the Britain’s oldest path – the Icknield Way.  

The path has origins that can be traced back at least to the Neolithic where it was thought to be a drovers route but it may pre date that and may have been used by Mesolithic hunter gatherers following deer migration routes.  It is linked with Peddars Way in Norfolk and with the Ridgeway at the other end at Ivinghoe Beacon and forms a continuous track that runs from the Wash to the south coast diagonally across the country.

If the general history of the Icknield way wasn’t enough of a draw in its self, then its link with my own family history certainly is.  My father lived in Icklingham and the path went past the end of his garden.  My formative years were spent watching and tracking wildlife on Tuddenham heath which the Icknield Way runs through.  When I was 9 we moved to Bedfordshire and  the path ran a few hundred metres away from my house and as a teenager I spent most of my weekends and school holidays at Whipsnade Zoo which borders the path.

As an adult my children all went to Icknield Lower School, right next to the path and for the last 10 years I have regularly walked my dogs along various sections of it.  

So after walking most of it in stages over the last year, I have now decided to do it in one go over three or four days……..25-30 miles a day, and in the process raise some well needed funds for the Trust.

If you would like to sponsor my attempt you can do so by visiting my Just Giving page at

you can also donate using you mobile phone by simply texting  “WTIW 71” then the amount to 70070.

I’ll let you know how I get on in the next Newsletter.

Job Vacancy

Thank you to Everyone who has applied for the recent job vacany for a Part-Time Bookkeeper. The position has now been filled.

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