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We regularly witness the disconnection from the natural world that Britain's younger generation is suffering. The qualification below would address that widening gulf. Tomorrow's conservationists are born today. Please take the time to sign the petition so we can take a step towards repairing the loss of knowledge and loss of empathy with the natual world which is happening with younger generations.

Develop a GCSE in Natural History.

Re-engagement with Britain's natural history has never been more urgent. Young people need the skills to name, observe, monitor and record wildlife. It is vital to understand the contribution nature makes to our lives physically, culturally, emotionally and scientifically both in the past and today

Britain’s reputation for recording its natural history was unsurpassed anywhere in the world. Those skills are disappearing as new generations are increasingly disconnected. The UK also has outstanding nature writing, art, poetry, film and radio. It has always been integral to our culture and heritage.

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At the moment we have a job vacancy available for a Part time Book Keeper at our Bootle Office. Please take a look at the Vacancy ad for more information.