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Christmas has Arrived at the World Owl Trust

Bonfire night is out of the way and so now we can look forward to Yuletide.  We are lucky that the bulk of the trust's Owl collection is well away from habitation, which means they don't have to cope with nights of Fireworks being let off. Now that it is all done and dusted, we can look forward to Christmas and wh...
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The WOT's App has taken off.

Memberships - The World Owl Trust - Cumbria Click here to join the trust and gain access to this great recording and surveying tool  Calling all Owl Lovers The World Owl Trust (WOT) is very excited to announce the launch of its new Owl surveying and monitoring App The WOT's App. The great app which is incl...
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Guest — Nigel Overal
What a brilliant idea for the whole family tracking: Owls.
Sunday, 14 June 2020 08:57
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Still Going Strong

At the start of 2020 nobody could have predicted the way things were going to go. WOT were moving birds around and putting Breeding pairs together. We were building aviaries to house some of the Collection back in Cumbria ready for Members to start visiting again. We managed to squeeze a wedding into the diary as well and then Chaos struck. Th...
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Tengmalm's Owl Drops In

A slightly unusual occurrence happened last week when a Tengmalm's Owl (Aegolius funereus) dropped in on a garden in the Shetland Isles. These wonderful small Owls live all around the edge of the Arctic Circle in the Boreal Forests and this one has probably been blown in from Northern Europe, possibly paying a visit while it still has freedom ...
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Poor breeding years for barn owls

The World Owl Trust started Life as the British Owl Breeding and Release Scheme and even though the name has changed, the ethos has altered very little. We are still heavily involved in British Owl Conservation. Collecting Yearly Data from around 60 pairs of Barn Owls in Cumbria as well as the other 4 species of Native Owls and the European Eagle O...
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